Friday, January 19, 2007

Lovely Stam, wonderful Stam!

I sent Lucy to Apple Spice to check out the Stams I had spotted there the previous day. Here is her considered verdict:
Well. I have viewed the Stam. I like it. But I really do not think it is worth $70. There, I have said it. I wanted it to be, but it just seems that you could get even a cheap real leather bag for as much.

There does seem to be quite a difference between the ones on eBay and the ones at Apple Spice. The ones on eBay have a pocket (as does the genuine Stam) while the Apple Spice does not. Also, the eBay ones seem
to be more detailed, and the lining looks different - though it's impossible to tell if it is better or worse. But then it does say of the eBay stam: "There is an attachable chain which is optional, my only complaint is that the chain isn't long enough, however it still looks gorgeous attached on the bag."

Don't know if this is the case for the one in AS. But in conclusion, the one on ebay looks more authentic, like a better copy. But it is on eBay, so is more difficult to assess and ultimately purchase.

The End.

PS. the beige colour was much nicer than I'd imagined!
But ultimately I couldn't be bothered seeking out a Stam online, paying for shipping, etc, when I could go down the road and buy one and have it right now on my desk in my peripheral vision, making me happy. As you can see I have already customised it with my Jesus brooch; and I plan to add all manner of other tat. Hoorah! It is ridiculous how elated I am to own a knock-off bag.


Anonymous said...

Ghastly and cheap. Ashame that your excellent use of language on this blog does not translate into style when it comes to purchasing bags.

Mel said...

This blog aims to be curious about trends and to discuss them without resorting to knee-jerk snobbery. It gives me the shits that you would make some facile comparison between my writing ability, which you call "excellent", and my tastes, which you call "ghastly and cheap". It's just ridiculous to assert that a capable writer has to conform to whatever abstract idea you happen to believe constitutes "good taste".

Incidentally, since I bought it, this bag has given me nothing but pleasure, and ultimately that's why we buy things - not to please dickheads who (to lower myself to your game) can't even correctly type "a shame".