Monday, September 15, 2008

The Golden Plimsoll

It sounds like some kind of award for hipsterism. (Ceremony to be held at McCarren Park Pool, hosted by Steve Aoki. How many Plimmys did Agyness Deyn win this year? Best New Hipster Plimmy for MGMT. Lifetime Achievement Plimmy for Dave Eggers.)

Anyway, as you can see, back in August I bought a pair of hipster plimsolls, the silliest Big Dubs had to offer. I had to splash out on a pair of insoles because it was like walking around on pancakes. Still, I am enjoying them.


Brukewilliams said...

Tuesday evening, Oct. 16. A date and time to remember at Anuga, for it will be the occasion of the Golden Ice Crystal awards, given since 1997 by Quick Frozen Foods International magazine.
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Mel said...

Clearly the above comment is a dumb bit of spam because the word 'golden' is in this post title, but I've left it in because I think it's so awesome that the frozen food industry has both a flagship magazine and an award called the Golden Ice Crystal. Would you have to keep the award statuette in the freezer in case it melted, I wonder.