Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dressing Downton

Tomorrow, Thursday 28 June, I'll be on a panel at ACMI discussing Downton Abbey. My particular focus will be on the costumes: how they're sourced; how they reflect character; and how they create an atmosphere of 'historical accuracy' within which the narrative nestles. It's the costumes that make a 'costume drama'.

I'll be writing up my presentation as an essay for Kill Your Darlings. Here are a few screencaps from my slideshow to give you a taste of what I'll be showing.

Incidentally, 'Dressing Downton' is also a dressmaking and costuming project spearheaded by The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart. Sewing enthusiasts are invited to blog their Downton Abbey-inspired projects, and you can see pics of their work.


RoseRed said...

Hi Mel, love all these pics, just wish I could have come on Thursday evening but had already booked for a Sisters in Crime forum with Kerry Greenwood & Carolyn Morwood. They were discussing the 'cosy' genre of crime fiction. Kerry was very pleased with the ABC production of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and would like to be unleashed on her own in the costume store with a large bag! Apparently they are planning another series. I've just finished a millinery class at the CAE with Mandy Murphy who made all the hats for Phrynne. Mandy is a very talented and unassuming lady. Alas my cloche doesn't quite live up to her standard and still needs to be trimmed but it was a fun course for a hat lover.

Mel said...

The costumes were definitely wonderful – personally I am coveting a fur shawl collar for my winter coat and am trying to figure out how to make one – this looks like a good pattern.

The thing I couldn't bear about Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, though, was the dreadful accents. Every episode seemed to have another Aussie actor having a go at a different accent in the most hammy, distracting way.