Sunday, June 09, 2013

Who listens to the radio?

This past week I've been busily spruiking Out of Shape on radio. Last Monday I did Life Matters on ABC Radio National, which you can listen to here. On my computer, it worked best to choose the "download" option, which opened up a separate window where the audio played happily.

Thursday was another big press day. I began the day at Triple R chatting to the Breakfasters about the book. I was in there a fair bit over summer, doing "The Stupid Question" segment for The Enthusiast, so it was nice returning to familiar ground. Listen to the segment here.

Later that I chatted with Kelly Higgins-Devine for Statewide Afternoons on ABC Brisbane, and that interview is here.

Then after that I appeared on Rafael Epstein's Drive program on ABC Melbourne, as part of the regular "Culture Club" talkback segment, but I don't have any audio from that interview.

I've also chatted with Genevieve Jacobs for Mornings on ABC Canberra, Ian Henschke for Mornings on ABC Adelaide, and Kate O'Toole for Mornings on ABC Darwin, but I haven't yet found any audio from those spots online. 

I'm keeping track of all the reviews on the Out of Shape page rather than mention them all individually. So if you're interested, you can check 'em out there. If you use Goodreads, you can also link up with me there and follow what I'm reading.  

Finally, I'll be posting some of the fascinating stuff I couldn't fit into the book as blog posts over the coming weeks.

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