Thursday, August 22, 2013

To the museum!

I love museum shows of all sorts, but particularly those dedicated to fashion and clothing. A while ago the US-based Lizzie Bramlett, one of my favourite vintage bloggers, decided to compile an exhibition calendar.

Nicole Jenkins at Circa Vintage is very good at telling her readers about upcoming vintage-related events, but I had a quick look around online and couldn't find anywhere that listed all the exhibitions in one place. So I've created my own exhibition calendar for Australia. I actually set this up a while ago but forgot to actually tell anyone I'd done it. Duhh…

You can find it in the top menu and I'll update it whenever I come across a new exhibition. The shows are arranged by state, and within that by closing date, so you don't miss something before it finishes.

You'll notice, first of all, that Victoria is over-represented. That's because I live in Melbourne and it's easier to keep tabs on events in my home city. But I'd like to remedy that, so if you live elsewhere in Australia and hear of any forthcoming fashion, costume or clothing-related exhibitions, please email me.

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